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Saturday, January 21, 2006


I studied about the Diversity in the English Seminer class for the half of year.
There are many diversity in the world, and people have the long history of the discrimination or persecution like the Ainu people in Japan. However, I think we are all different or the same by how we look ourself. We are all same human, and we all live in the Earth. At the same time, we all have their own mind and original thought. The diversity is a kind of illusion which people made to discriminate some people to pretend them as if they are strongest.
Diversity is all over the world(we are somehow all different), but at the same time, we are all the same.


"The world population became more than 600,000,000"
Someone said like this・・・
"At last, the world population get over than 600,000,000.
It is impossible to meet with all of the people in this world.
Because if we meet one person by one second, it takes 190 years.
So one person meet to another is destiny.
So to meet you is destiny.
Each encounter is my treasure.
You are my treasure."
This is a poem which was in the chain mail. Japanese proverb, "Ichigoichie"(一期一会)is about same meaning of this poem. By reading this poem, I thought every encounter is important for me. It is same for all people in the world.

Map of the heart

I attended an ethics class this year. This class's topic was "Life and Love".
At the very first of this class was started in April, we studied the most important thinking of the ethics, the map of heart.
When you thinking of the map, you probably think of the road map, world map or train map. There is also the map in your heart. For example, when you watch the TV news, how deeply can you think of the participants of the news? How deeply could you think about the people who afflicted by the snow in Niigata? How deeply could you think about the people in Iraq? This width of your heart is your map of the heart.
It is difficult thing that you think everything as it is happened to you, but we tend to think it is not "my" problem. We have to have the warm heart for as many people as possible. I think we can accept any kind of the diversity by the wide map of the heart.

Today, I watched a TV program about "Convenient Stores".
In these days, we can find the convenient stores in anywhere, however, the goods or foods they sell is similar. To make a difference to other convenient stores, they try to make a unique ones.
Family mart made a store which has the table tennis corner. People can buy some foods, and at the same time, they can play table tennis in the same place.
Other convenient store made a DVD and CD rental corner in the store. It is possible to rental by minimum 3 hours, and the price is 60yen. Poeple can rental some films with their favourite snacks.
The convenient store only for the women was also made recently. In the store, more than 5000 kinds of cosmetics are able to buy.
In Japan, the convenient stores became very famous. I think it is because Japanese are breenger, and they like to buy the things in small amounts. In UK (where I lived), people buy what they need in big super market in big amount. There was no convenient stores like one in Japan. However, in last year, Seven-Eleven made new store in China. Chinese accepted it, and it is keep developing.
The shops are different in each countries because of the difference of people's habit. Convenient store is matched with Japanese habit.

Sunday, January 15, 2006


In Aoyama Campus, I heard the forum of the War history recently.
It was about how to take over the war history to next generation. In Japan, the number of people who actually experienced the war is decreasing, and in few years later, there will be no people who can speak their experiences. In Okinawa, some young people work to take over the war history. They are called as Kataribe, and they try to hear the war experinces as much as possible. Their work is not only to hear the experiences, but also talk it to young generations. I think this is very important work for the future not to repeat misrable history.
The country which have same history of W.WⅡ, Germany, try to take over the history harder than Japan. They open the concentration camp for public people. They can learn hisrory by their actual experience.
The way how to teach and take over the history is different in each country, because of how to think about histry is different. Japan is the country which do not have the army, so we should work hard on the histry teaching too.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

A year of ☆DOG☆

This year(2006) is year of Dog in Japan. This is called Eto in Japanese.
Cat, Cattla, Tiger, Bird, Snake,Rabbit, Sheep,Tatu, Monkey, Boar, Horse and Rat year repeat in every 12 years. I born in 1986, so my Eto is Tiger.
When my Eto came, that year will bad year for me. It is called Yakudoshi .( It means bad year)
Historically, Eto was born in China. However, this is now spread in wide area of Asia.
China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Thiland, Vietnam and Russia are the countries which have the culture of Eto.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Bowling for Columbine

In the psychology class, I saw the movie called "Bowling for Columbine" directed by Michael Moore. What I really surprised is that the number of murder in Japan is very few compared to other developed countries. I thought, recently, the news about murder is increasing in Japan. Especially, children are targeted. Even they do not know the murderee, the suspects kill them to satisfy thier impulse. In America, people can have guns legally, so the number of murder is very large in the world.
The murder is the serious problem in all over the world, but the reasons or situations are all different in each countries.

Thursday, October 20, 2005


Do you know the disability called "Dyslexia"?
I have never heard the name until I studyed about it in the psychology class. 
Dyslexia is a disability that affect the writing skills and reading skills. Dyslexia people can speak normally, but they are not good at writing and reading. They spell the word wrong, or they write the letters opposite. In Japan, this disability is not popular, but in Britain, it is very popular.Special school for Dyslexia children is in London. The students are all Dyslexia people, but the symptom is all different. They have special lessons for the writing skills and reading skills for some years.
I thought this kind of special lessons for the disabled people don't develop in Japan. At least, we have to know them.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Hair style

In this monday's English Seminer class, we discussed about the "Diversity". The meaning of diversity is abstract, so it was very difficult to think about it. However, we thought that there are many hair styles in the world, so it is kind of the diversity.
In Japan, many people dye their hair into brown or gold or other colours from the black, and also parm or straighten the hair. Not all but many Japanese are not proud of their natural hair. In Britain, I think people keep their natural hair colours and styles. They don't parm or straighten the hair as often as Japanese do. In Arabian countries, many women keep the hair long and black as their natural colour.
I think, this difference of the hair style is a kind of nationality, and it is interesting to know why such differences are occured. By the way, I dyed my hair into brown as many Japanese do... The reason is that I think brown hair is more fashionable than the black hair☆

Kotatsu vs Centralheating

It's getting colder and colder recently. I don't like the cold weather, so today, Iwant to write about the warming things.
In Japanese winter, Kotatsu in the livingroom is the normal situation. Kotatsu is the short table which has the heater on the other side of the table's board, and blanket cover the table to keep the warm air in inside. People put the legs into it and warm their body. Kotatsu was used for long years.
On the other hand, in other countries, for example Britain, central heating is in the every house. When I lived in London, the central heatings are placed every room, even in the bathroom!! I was very happy that there is no freezing rooms in the house. My body kept warm in every time in anywhere☆
I like both of those, so the best situation is that Kotatsu placed in my room and central heatings placed in every rooms!!

Sunday, October 02, 2005

About video

In today's English seminer class, we watched the video about the diversity. In this video, the aquare group and circle group met each other, and they made fun of each other and started to fight. They used their shape usefully to make a formation to fight. Finally, they became all same shape.
I thought this video was very interesting but the meaning behind the story is very deep. The main topic was how to cope with the different kind of people, or why people tend to make a group with the similar people,and after all, what is the similarity itself? We all the same species, human being, but on other hand, we all looks different. In this video, the square group and circle group, they all made of same material. On the other hand, their shapes were two types, and also their body colors were many types. However, they ignore their similarity(in this case, the material) or body colors, and they only focused about the thier shape.
In the real world, people tend to focus about what language they speak or skin color or culture, and they ignore about many other difference.